Worldwide, the knowledge on aluminium is still expanding on a daily base. Highrise Design can provide up to date know-how on the material, its proper application, possible risks (for example: corrosion), various ways of fabricating and relevant code and regulation. The most recent knowledge available in this field, tailored to your application. We offer our services in form of schooling or education, but we can also provide training (on the job).


Providing knowledge can be done in many ways, one of them is a webinar. Highrise and the dutch organisation ‘Bouwen met Staal’ organized 3 webinars in april en may 2020 about Aluminium. In these webinars of approximately 30 minutes I will give you an introduction in designing and building with aluminium.
Do you want to check these webinars (in dutch), click on the button below.

Webinar Bouwen met Staal


The knowledge of aluminium, on its behavior and on how it is best used, is not as widely available as it is for steel. As a specialist, Highrise conducts studies and tests to broaden our view on different aspects of this light and strong construction-material. One particular aspect is corrosion; on one end aluminium is regarded as highly resistant to corrosion, on the other hand we know that is can also be vulnerable; for instance, galvanic corrosion can be a threat. Recently our company has executed salt spray testing to find the most suitable bolt materials for bolted joints in offshore aluminium constructions. The article here explains the reasons why and the findings.


In the monthly magazine of the dutch organisation ‘Bouwen met staal’ (274 – april ’20) Highrise has written an article about Aluminium. There are far more resemblances between steel and aluminium than you would think, even though there are also differences. Aluminium is a well known material thought, but designing in a constructive way with aluminium stays a niche up until now. Do you want to read the article (in dutch), click the button below.

Wat de constructeur moet weten