Highrise Design, Strength in Aluminium Design

Highrise Design specializes in the design of aluminium structures. As an independent design agency, we are able to assist you in optimizing the use of aluminium properties for your products and projects.

Clever use of aluminium

Aluminium, being strong but remarkably light, can be used in a broad range of products and structures. With an adequate approach, aluminium can often be deployed without preservation. Clever use of extrusions and casted products provide great freedom of design, allowing for well-balanced designs. Next to that, our agency holds high-end knowledge on aluminium and is broadly acquainted with the various fabrication possibilities. As a result our agency is able to tie the advantages of aluminium in terms of weight and corrosion resistance to a competitive cost price of the product.

From design towards realization

Our extensive expertise in the field of aluminium is available for a broad range of markets. For example Offshore Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Infrastructure and Civil Construction. Many years of experience in engineer-to-order projects has led to a reliable project approach. This professional attitude towards the design process proves valuable, both in the different design phases of your projects, as during the actual realization of your aluminium products and structures. Highrise Design can assist you with every step of the way: from a first global feasibility study of an aluminium product design towards setting up an adequate supply chain, including the selection of reliable vendors and capable fabricators.

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