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Following successful use of aluminium in known products like airplanes, trains and automobiles, the material is nowadays progressively used as a construction material as well. Many companies recognize the advantages it can offer to their products, but it usually remains quite a challenge to reach an adequate construction design in aluminium. For this reason, Highrise B.V. was founded in 2019 by Albert Hogewoning; an independent design agency is available with specialized knowledge of aluminium.

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Access to knowledge and experience

Steel has for decennia been thè material for large loadbearing structures. The knowledge of steel is much broader available than of aluminium. For this reason, it can prove hard for companies to reach an optimal design for their product or projects. As a result, the application of aluminium can become unnecessarily expensive. The proper application of this strong and lightweight materials remains out of reach.

Highrise Design aims to provide customers access to their broad knowledge and experience in aluminium. Together we reach the best solution.

Knowledge of aluminium ànd steel

For over 25 years, founder Albert Hogewoning has been actively involved in large engineer-to-order projects for industrial markets. At renowned companies Kalmar and Hollandia B.V. he gained over 15 years of experience, designing and delivering a large variety of steel structures. Think of cranes, bridges, locks and offshore modules. After that period Albert Hogewoning has developed almost 10 years of experience with aluminium structures, being the Technical Director of Bayards Aluminium Constructions. This combination of knowledge is vitally important to reach optimal structural solutions.


Highrise Design knows every possibility for fabrication, but does not operate its own workshop. For our independent design agency the use of aluminium is not a goal in itself, but simply a means: only careful weighing of various possibilities will lead to the most effective solution. Often this solution inevitably surfaces as an integral solution, using various materials in their optimal way. It is the intelligent combination of aluminium, steel and/or composite that results in a winning product.

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