Worldwide, the knowledge on aluminium is still expanding on a daily base. Highrise Design can provide up to date know-how on the material, its proper application, possible risks (e.g. corrosion), various ways of fabricating and relevant code and regulation. The most recent knowledge available in this field, tailored to your application. We offer our services in form of schooling or education, but we can also provide training (on the job).

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Variant study

In the explorative phase, different alternatives are investigated to support the selection of the best design (steel, concrete, aluminium, composite) for your product. Highrise Design helps to develop various conceptual designs for further selection. We supply complete information packages. Besides the obvious technical aspects like strength and weight, we are also able to generate commercial budgets and for instance the regulatory framework.

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Conceptual Design

Designing with a keen eye on proper application of different materials provides winning results. Highrise Design utilizes its broad experience in steel and aluminium when realizing the designs. The professional design-methods that upholds customer-dialogue lead to the best choices. This cooperation delivers the conceptual designs that will be used for next steps. For example: feasibility-study, budgeting or preparing a tender procedure.

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Keen to learn whether an aluminium variant of your successful product can be better, lighter and more economic? Highrise Design helps its customers to have a new look on their present (steel) products or concepts. Your experience and knowledge with the product will be combined with our experience in designing and fabricating aluminium products. With a proper approach we can often swiftly deliver astonishing results.



The next step upon completion of design is realization. Not everybody is fully aware of the broad range of fabrication possibilities of semi-finished aluminium components and complete products. After completing the basic design, Highrise Design is able to support its customer in realizing their products. On request we can provide selection of vendors and fabricators, make purchases, develop a fabrication program, validate design and take care of product certification.

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