This week is Amsterdam Drone week. Just to show how aluminium can help to keep your drones safe and all charged-up for their next quest, we have made an animation. Here we show an aluminium rotatable weatherproof cover that can shelter your drone. The cover is lightweight, corrosion-free and can be either manually or automatically operated. The cover is designed from off-the-shelf components, resulting in an economical solution that can easily be tailored to your specific dimensions.

Want to know more about the possibilities; do not hesitate to contact us!

Amsterdam Drone Week is the first official European platform that unites the brightest and most creative minds of the UAV Industry, showcases the latest technology and helps unlock the potential of drones and discovery of new applications. For the duration of one week, this unique platform is the host of a diversity of events around drone regulations, new technology and future solutions. Because of Covid-19 there will be organized two hybrid summits on 17 September and 1 – 3 December 2020.