We respect the privacy of the visitors to the websites and ensure that any personal information you provide to us will be treated confidentially. Personal data will be processed in accordance with the requirements under the European General Data Protection Regulation. In all other respects, we shall only use your personal data with your permission. We would like to point out that this website may contain links to other websites, which, in some cases will be subject to a different privacy statement or will not be subject to any privacy statement.

Personal data

These websites only collect information that can be traced to individual persons insofar as it has been expressly and voluntarily made available by the visitors. This information may include, among other things, details of your name, current job, business address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and details relating to your Internet behavior as described in these privacy conditions.

Use of information

In certain cases, Highrise B.V. may use the personal data you provided to contact you. We can keep you informed about issues that are important for the use of the websites and we may contact you to gain better insight into the use of the websites. We may also use your details for relevant marketing purposes. You can ask us to stop using your personal data at any time. Highrise B.V. does not share the personal data you have provided with third parties. However, we may provide visitor-related information to parties that process this information on our behalf for the contact purposes described above.

Use of cookies

We use cookies on our websites. When you first visit the website, a notice will be displayed asking for your express permission for the use of cookies. A cookie is a small file that is sent together with the pages of the website and is stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer or your mobile device. We use cookies to store information about your settings and preferences, such as the language for the website. You can delete the cookies from your hard drive at any time. You can also block cookies using your browser settings.

Google Analytics

We make use of Google Analytics to monitor how users use the website and to monitor how effective the search results are for our AdWords with Google. The information collected, including the IP address of your computer, is sent to Google. Google uses this information to monitor how our websites are used, to compile reports about the websites for us and to provide its advertisers with information on the effectiveness of their campaigns. Google may pass this information on to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so or insofar as those third parties process this information on Google’s behalf. We have no control over this. We have not given Google permission to use the Analytics information that is obtained for other Google services.

Changes in the privacy statement

Highrise B.V. reserve the right to modify or change this privacy statement at any time and for any reason whatsoever. Nothing in this privacy statement is intended to create an obligation or agreement between Highrise B.V. and the visitor. If you have any questions about this privacy statement or if you are of the opinion that it does not give proper consideration to your interests, please send your questions or comments to info@highrise.nl with the subject “Privacy Highrise website”.