PB sys

Innovative partner in the field of vertical farming PB sys is a strategic partnership between PB tec and Highrise B.V. to be able to realize large and complex projects worldwide as one [...]

IVY Acces Systems

In collaboration with Almet Benelux, we developed a complete aluminium platform system based on the latest Eurocode 9 design standard: railings, tread, stairs and associated supporting structure are designed on a system basis: IVY [...]

Aluminium dronestation

On Thursday 28th of October, Highrise demonstrated an aluminium Dronestation at the flightshow of Dutch Drone centre Aviolande in Woensdrecht. This new ‘Product of the Future’ has been fabricated in close cooperation with partner Almet [...]


KCI (also involved in the development of the world’s largest observation wheels, such as the London Eye and Ain Dubai) and a few other hi-tech companies have joined forces to develop Stadium Flight, the world’s [...]

Aluminium bridges

In our Strongbridge cooperation, Highrise B.V. has worked with partner Marteq to supply 3 new aluminium bridges that will provide safe access to passengers of ferries in Amsterdam area. High quality structures, designed by [...]

Finite Element Analysis

Within our Strongbridge cooperation, Highrise performed a detailed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to document how the work-bridge of Marteq will perfectly be able to resist strong offshore wind. Obviously the exaggerated flexibility in the [...]

Subsea technology

The bottoms of our oceans are scattered with precious metals: polymetallic nodules in form of small metallic lumps, containing manganese, iron, and other precious elements like cobalt, nickel, platinum and vanadium. The nodules are [...]

Marteq & Highrise start Strongbridge

Pressrelease dd 07-01-2021 Dutch companies Marteq BV and Highrise BV join forces. Partnership Strongbridge supplies high-end work bridges to the maritime-, offshore, and industrial sectors. These Strongbridges are [...]

Drone in a box

Highrise has developed this versatile Drone-in-a-box concept: a lightweight aluminium landing-pad plus rotatable cover, that will facilitate safe operations and protect the precious equipment against weather-influences during stand-by mode. The unit can easily be [...]

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