Eagle Access cabin

How Aluminium can optimize your product. In january Eagle Access was my first customer! Together we were able to show how aluminium can make a product better. Because of the light construction of the cabin, [...]

Learning more about adhesives

Joints in constructions are usually bolted or welded. Both with their own challenges. As an alternative we explored opportunities of bonding aluminium parts with industrial adhesives. Jarco Weergang of Mavom B.V. explained the do’s and [...]

Aluminium in a circular economy

Last May EUROPEAN ALUMINIUM published in their report how aluminium can contribute in the quest to reach a circular economy in 2030. Promising opportunities for Aluminium as metal for the future, recommended read! For those [...]

Galvanic corrosion in bolted Aluminium joints

Highrise Design has started lab-testing on various bolted joints to determine the optimal remedy against unfavorable corrosion of aluminium structures in offshore & marine applications. A first test piece has recently started a 1.500 hrs [...]

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