Conceptual Design

Designing with a keen eye on proper application of different materials provides winning results. Highrise Design utilizes its broad experience in steel and aluminium when realizing the designs. The professional design-methods that upholds customer-dialogue lead to the best choices. This cooperation delivers the conceptual designs that will be used for next steps. For example: feasibility-study, budgeting or preparing a tender procedure.


Bloemsma Trainings-container

” Would it be possible to design a lightweight trainingsunit to help us provide escape-training for offshore windturbines at client premises?” 

Not an everyday question, but we fully understood the advantages of bringing the equipment to the client, instead of requiring their employees to travel to special training-sites. And so we did: Highrise designed a lightweight aluminium tower inside a regular 40ft container, that can be upended ‘ by hand’  in a matter of minutes. Using the advantages of aluminium in terms of weight and robustness, we have designed a pivoting tower that can still just fit into a regular container for easy transportation. But once it arrives at the client’s site it only takes a few minutes of winching to erect a 7 meter high climbing tower. From this sturdy tower, the trainees can practice abseiling and other escape-manoeuvres to ensure that these professionals are ready to cope with situations that we all hope will never happen!

  • Container tower down
  • Container tower half
  • Container tower up
  • Container tower half
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