Variant Study

In the explorative phase, different alternatives are investigated to support the selection of the best design (steel, concrete, aluminium, composite) for your product. Highrise Design helps to develop various conceptual designs for further selection. We supply complete information packages. Besides the obvious technical aspects like strength and weight, we are also able to generate commercial budgets and for instance the regulatory framework.


Our appreciation of safety evolves over the years: what was considered safe one or two decades ago, may not be looked at similarly today. This superyacht-owner is serious on the safety aspects: his crew must be able to work in the most modern Circumstances. Damen Shiprepair has accepted the challenge of updating the topmast access with help of Highrise Design and BB Aluminiumbouw. Highrise Design has provided Damen Shiprepair in Schiedam with the design for a complete re-fit of the topmast-access of the superyacht. The fibreglass mast is now equipped with robust aluminium steps & grips and a fully functional fall-arrest system, to ensure all maintenance to the top-mast equipment can be done in a safe working environment.To accommodate the load-bearing aspects of the access-parts, an aluminium structural backbone was brought inside he mast. This to ensure a strong & stiff access without hampering the overall vessel’s silhouette.  BB aluminium has craftfully fabricated the parts and structure and has ingeniously brought the internals in place. A bit like building the ship model in a bottle!

The video illustrates the works, with the aluminium still nice & shiny. Almost a pity to learn that it will obviously all be painted mast-blue….

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