The next step upon completion of design is realization. Not everybody is fully aware of the broad range of fabrication possibilities of semi-finished aluminium components and complete products. After completing the basic design, Highrise Design is able to support its customer in realizing their products. On request we can provide selection of vendors and fabricators, make purchases, develop a fabrication program, validate design and take care of product certification.



Eagle-Access introduces an absolute game changer in the market for Walk to Work systems: a fully balanced electrically driven access system. Users enter the aluminium cabin from the ship. The cabin is lifted off the ship and transferred with full motion compensation to the offshore platform. Here users safely step out. The cabin can then be uncoupled with a quick release, to latch a load directly and transfer goods using a similar procedure. The cabin for this innovative system is a lightweight aluminium structure, combining maximized load-carrying capacity with sturdiness and robustness to deal with harsh offshore conditions.

Assistance Highrise

Highrise has assisted Eagle-Access from start to finish in the realization of their aluminium cabin. This incorporated design-aspects, like optimizing the weight and selecting appropriate corrosion resisting materials, but also the fabrication: Highrise has selected a suitable fabricator and has subsequently managed the inspections. The cabin was fabricated to the expected high level of quality, delivered in time and was positively appraised by Bureau Veritas. This beautiful aluminium product will help Eagle-Access in their goal to increase safety for offshore access and transfer, while dramatically reducing costs and environment impacts.

Eagle-Access 'Walk to Work'
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